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Tropical Leaves – 5 – Ajaytao

Tropical Leaves - 5 - Ajaytao

Tropical Leaves – 5 – Ajaytao

I pause –
the heavy air on
wet leaves

Ken Wagner


Tropical leaves – 3 – Ajaytao

Tropical leaves - 3 - Ajaytao

Tropical leaves – 3 – Ajaytao

a leaf in the wind

a leaf in the wind
driven by forces unseen
just as we all are

Jim David

Tropical leaves – 2 – Ajaytao

Tropical leaves - 2 - Ajaytao

Tropical leaves – 2 – Ajaytao

Tropical Leaves – Ajaytao

Tropical Leaves - Ajaytao

Tropical Leaves – Ajaytao

My leaf clings to the tree,
It is new to life,
Pure green,
Feeling as soft as skin.

My leaf falls down,

My leaf lives on the ground,
Swept away by the wind,
Feeling crumpled like used paper.

My leaf is dead,
From green to brown,
Soft to crumpled,
Spring to autumn.