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Textured Pink flower – Ajaytao

Textured Pink flower - Ajaytao

Textured Pink flower – Ajaytao

Flowers are the
music of the ground
From earth’s lips
spoken without sound

Edwin Curran


Pink glowing flower – Ajaytao

Pink glowing flower - Ajaytao

Pink glowing flower – Ajaytao

Warm breezes blowing

Sun shining on the soil

Petals are glowing


Pink flower – Ajaytao

Pink flower - Ajaytao

Pink flower – Ajaytao

‘Tis only a flower
Soft Petals of Gold
There’s no special power
In this flower I hold
It came from the ground
There was no special seed
On this flower I found
That grew up from a weed
There are ivy green leaves
On it’s long narrow stem
The pointy thorns weave
Round it like mountains
A family of ants
Made their home in the ground
Where the rain comes to dance
Round the flower I found
To you it’s a flower
And nothing much else
To the ants it’s a tower
Of beauty and wealth
So ’tis may be a seed
Which grew a long stem
Where the most beautiful weed
A flower, has hemmed

Larissa Lane