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Orange flower – Ajaytao

Orange flower - Ajaytao

Orange flower – Ajaytao

orange day lilies
curb the hazy roadside—
fawns snack

Debbie Guzzi


Orange beauty – Ajaytao

Orange beauty - Ajaytao

Orange beauty – Ajaytao

Orange flower

our friendship is but an orange flower
fragile child of our hearts
bound together
in time and space, endless chase
beyond madness, just a trace
of orange scent
oh, let me descent
in the late hours of the night
and there, out of sight
standing still
in the white morning chill
sweeter than a kiss
tears turning to bliss
i will hold you, protect you
heal you and fill you
orange flower of gratitude
seven years of solitude
an eternity of multiple choices
lost and found
forever bound
so close, yet so far
will it survive, the orange flower
from the first to the very last hour?

Diana Jiganie


Butterfly Glads – Orange flower – Ajaytao

Butterfly Glads - Orange flower - Ajaytao

Butterfly Glads – Orange flower – Ajaytao

Some butterflies float
Gently touching a flower
Impressions lasting

Sara Kendrick