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Beautiful mellow light – Ajaytao

Beautiful mellow light - Ajaytao

Beautiful mellow light – Ajaytao

Silent stillness of the night;
The ever-watching moon
With its mellifluous, mellow light,
Whispering its soft croon.

Light breezes of the dawn,
Bring sentimental news
In the form of gentle folksongs,
And slowly dries the morning dew.

Winds from the west,
Like capricious elves,
In illicit mischief they vest;
Taking all asunder by themselves.

The afternoon zephyr
Prepares the events of evening
By bringing memories, so familiar,
To be shown while one is dreaming



Dulcet light – Ajaytao

Dulcet light - Ajaytao

Dulcet light – Ajaytao

Someone is sitting in the
shade today because someone
planted a tree a long time ago

Warren Buffett