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Orange Marigold – Ajaytao

Orange Marigold - Ajaytao

Orange Marigold – Ajaytao


Life awakening

Flower opens in the sun

A world is reborn

Fred Cleveland


Yellow Marigold – Ajaytao

Yellow Marigold - Ajaytao

Yellow Marigold – Ajaytao


Your grassy hills and rolling fields
Beneath you water rolls below
Keeping you lush, moist and lively
I part grass in your field of hair
Showing people the marigolds
You hid in your mind from the world
Wisdom’s a flower that ne’er wilts

Joshua Ohmer

Marigold bud – Ajaytao

Marigold bud - Ajaytao

Marigold bud – Ajaytao

One little flower
Nods in the delicate breeze
As the crickets hum

Jeanine dejesus