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Plain Tiger – Danaus chrysippus – Ajaytao

Plain Tiger - Danaus chrysippus - Ajaytao

Plain Tiger – Danaus chrysippus – Ajaytao


petals open
in love’s gentle display –
a butterfly kiss

Jemmy Farmer



Yellow beauty – Ajaytao

Yellow beauty - Ajaytao

Yellow beauty – Ajaytao

the Flower Kisser
leaves his harem sated as
white Moonflower glows

Andrea Dietrich

Rose delight – Ajaytao

Rose delight - Ajaytao

Rose delight – Ajaytao

Let this rose
Shed her clothes
In the early light of dawn

Gregory Golden


Pink & White Rose – Ajaytao

Pink & White Rose - Ajaytao

Pink & White Rose – Ajaytao

bright flower sparks
dazzle black tapestry
wisps of smoke now

binibining p.iNk